As many of you know, wide format printers boast an array of benefits. And, as will all technology, the machines continue to advance and evolve. Although wide format printers have been awesome, the next generation addresses some real-world issues, improving the benefits to you.


The newest WFPs have improved compatibility, so that work with your favorite devices. For example, the latest Canon Pro series are designed to work with Canon cameras for a seamless camera-to-printer solution for designers, photographers, and artists.

Color Accuracy

Now, WFPs make color matching even easier. When you are printing jobs several weeks or even months apart, it is important that reprints match the original. New color calibration feature helps ensure that colors are accurate and properly calibrated.


Have you ever been in the middle of a project and had to stop to switch print rolls? It can kill the creative process. New wide format models enable you to load two different types of media at the same time—canvas, photo stock, heavy bond paper, etc. Now, you don’t have to stop your flow to change rolls; you can select the appropriate print material with a quick click.

Ink Saver

With large format printing, it can take a lot of ink to achieve your finished piece. And running out of ink while printing an important project is not an ideal situation. The newest wide format printers are equipped with a sub-ink system that ensures this never happens again by replacing empty tanks as needed, even while you are printing!

Wide format printers have been the go-to pick of creative professionals for years. Now your print equipment won’t hinder your creativity. The newest models are developed to optimize your drawings and designed for maximum quality output. At UBS, we have been working with wide format printers since the beginning. Contact us to learn more about the latest wide-format.

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