Remember when you played Truth or Dare at sleepovers as a kid? Well, we are going to play a game of True or False, but with a focus on managed print services. And, since we are adults and the stakes are higher, it is important to know what is real and what is fiction when it pertains to MPS since it can affect the success of your business.

True or False: MPS is for Large-Scale Production

  • False Managed print solutions are appropriate for all sized organizations and can be scaled to fit your specific needs. The more paper intensive your business is, the more results you might see, but no matter what your print volume or size is, there is a solution for you.

True or False: You Need New Print Devices for MPS

  • False It does not matter if you are using new or older devices when it comes to implementing managed print services. Now, as part of your print assessment, we might recommend a new printer or highlight ways that you can consolidate your print fleet, but that does not mean that you have to invest in new technology to take advantage of MPS. You will reduce costs and increase productivity regardless of what type of printers and copiers you use.

True or False: Any Business Can Benefit from Managed Print

  • True All companies will see benefits from a managed print program. Studies show that many businesses don’t even realize how much they are spending annually on print. With MPS you can save up to tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars, depending on your expenditures and size. The specific will vary by company, but the benefits are the same—reduced costs, improved workflows, and increased security.

True or False: You Can Manage Your Print on Your Own

  • True and False You might be thinking that you are already managing your print fleet without professional help. And while that may be true, we can guarantee that you are not maximizing your print program on your own. The reality is our services exist out of need—we can assess your fleet and manage your entire print environment in a way that your in-house staff just can’t. Managed print from UBS is a comprehensive solution for your organization’s print needs.

True or False: You Should Contact Us Today

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