Wide format printing offers advanced printing options and can bring big benefits to businesses. Wide format printers can print everything from posters to blueprints. If you have decided to implement wide format printing, you might be wondering how to find the right machine. Here are some tips to help you find the best wide format printer for you.

  • Speed might be a necessity for you. If turn-around time matters, investigate available speed options to find the right speed for your needs.
  • Color options vary. Like traditional laser printers, wide format offers both monochrome and color prints. Determining your color needs will help you understand what key color functions and specs you need.
  • Quality requirements depend on the type of printing you intend to do. Resolution is measured in dpi and comes in a variety of options.
  • Price can vary substantially. You might be tempted to purchase at the lowest price point, but it’s important to consider total cost of ownership. This includes factoring in the price of supplies such as media and ink. Energy Star rated Canon products will help reduce the cost of energy consumption.

United Business Systems offers the best in wide format printing. Let us tell you about the printers we offer, and how they can benefit your business. Contact us today to learn more!

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