We often hear the term “paperless office” tossed around. But, what exactly is a paperless office and is it a realistic possibility?

A paperless office is just that—a business environment that does not rely on paper for everyday practices. Although it seems impractical and improbable to do away with paper completely, you can significantly reduce your reliance on paper through document management solutions.

Realistic Reductions

Despite our cultural obsession with screen time, we still depend on print documents. When seeking to reduce your paper use and consumption, it is important to set realistic goals. Perhaps eradication isn’t possible, but that does not mean you can’t decrease the amount of paper and ink waste in your company.

Document management can put controls in place that help you reduce the amount of documents printed daily. Also, with the right software, you can easily transfer paper files to digital for more convenient storage and retrieval.

Less Paper, Less Waste

With an integrated document management program from UBS, you can scan and import paper documents plus convert them to the appropriate digital format. Plus, you will be able to easily extract data from paper and use it for convenient filing and retrieval. Digital document storage and access greatly reduce the need for bulky paper files and large file rooms. Not only does this reduce your paper waste, but it also helps curtail energy use and wasted space.

Alternate Approaches

In addition to managing documents via a structured solution, there are many other ways to cut back on paper:

  • Reduce the amount of laser printers in your office; the less convenient, the less extraneous print jobs
  • Get rid of fax machines or fax capabilities on MFPs and encourage email attachments
  • Implement digital document signing where applicable
  • When you must print, be sure to use both sides of the paper to reduce waste
  • Track which employees are printing and when; implement incentives that encourage less print waste

If you are looking to reduce waste and save money, contact UBS today for information on document management and managed print solutions. And, remember, a completely paperless office may not be feasible, but any amount of paper you reduce will help your bottom line.

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