There is a famous expression about appreciating the little things in life. When it comes to business; however, it is critical to pay attention to the little things since they can add up quickly. Especially regarding printing and print-related costs, which is an area where seemingly small amounts end up affecting your bottom line. So, why not take control of you print fees with managed print services?

Managed Print Basics

One of the biggest business challenges is monitoring your print program. Unless you know exactly how much you are printing and from which devices, it is extremely difficult to narrow down all of your print expenses. This is where managed print services come into play—monitoring your print activity, helping reduce the cost of printing, improving print services, and reducing waste.

Cutting Costs

Managed print can help you reduce expenses in several ways. First, by performing a comprehensive assessment and audit of your current print program, we can identify all print activity and identify areas for improvement. Secondly, we can help you implement programs and guidelines that will help further curtail costs, such as mandating duplex and black-and-white printing for daily work and implementing print restrictions and access codes for employees.

Reduced Waste

With managed print services, not only will be reducing the amount of money you waste, but you will also be curtailing the waste of resources. You will be reducing the amount of paper you use (and waste) and cutting back on energy consumption. Reducing your impact on the environment is good for your business is myriad ways.

Improved Security

Although network printing is vital to productivity, it also greatly increases your security risks. With managed print services in place, you can protect your network and your business efficiency. With 24/7 monitoring and enhanced security protocols, your business’s private data will be safeguarded against hackers and security breaches.

When you add up all of the “little” things and look at the big picture, implementing a managed print solution in your business is a no-brainer. You will save money, reduce waste, and increase security, all while improving the overall efficiency of your print fleet. Contact us for more information.

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