It can be challenging to get the whole team on the same page in a remote working environment. Screensharing is patchy, video can lag, and getting everyone’s opinion heard can be a struggle. Having an interactive white board in your home office can make these issues easier to deal with and improve your remote working experience.

Collaborative Remote Meetings

Interactive white boards allow for collaborative remote meetings. Using the right apps, team members can access, share, and edit files with each other in real time. Documents and meetings can even be divided into multiple sections to facilitate discussions and increase productivity. With interactive white boards, you can share files and screenshare with remote coworkers and annotate documents in real time. These markups aren’t limited to the person presenting – anyone with access can edit the document and illustrate their ideas to the group.

Remote Employee Training

Onboarding a new employee or training current employees on new systems is a big undertaking when most of your team works remotely. With interactive white boards, remote training sessions become that much easier. Collaborating digitally and getting feedback on systems and documents in real time allows remote teams to work more closely and learn new systems together, even from miles apart.

Benefits of Interactive White Boards

Easy Adoption

These interactive white boards require little training, and it’s easy for people to get up to speed on managing remote presentations. They produce high-quality images, and the technology is sensitive enough to sense the difference between actions like drawing, writing, and erasing. They also allow for more convenient project management – your team may be remote but, with an interactive white board, resource storage, workflow execution, and to-do lists become much more manageable regardless of where you’re located.

UBS provides a variety of RICOH interactive white boards to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a small addition to your home office setup or a new white board for your conference room, UBS has the technology that can help you. Contact a UBS specialist today to find out which RICOH interactive white board solution is right for you.

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