Want to see your business leap ahead of the competition? Try a solution that can save money, time, and space. Document management is the right answer for any company. Although it’s not a front-of-house system, it will make considerable improvements in your office that will resonate with employees and become apparent to customers and business partners.

What is Document Management?

Document management essentially creates a digital office space for your organization. It involves systematically scanning old files and papers into the software and then setting up a workflow procedure for incoming documents.

As the process develops, all resources and information in the digital office are organized and archived appropriately, never to be lost, destroyed, or missing. Document management is the right choice for any company, but these high-level benefits will convince you further.

1. Additional Physical Office Space

Getting rid of old files also means throwing out the file cabinets, the storage containers, and freeing up rooms of new office space for collaboration and other productive purposes.

2. Find Files Quickly Every Time

Never search for an impossible document again! With keyword search and topic-specific archiving, every paper you need will be quick to locate in your paperless office.

3. Secured Access to All Resources

Security has a new look with document management, and it’s more streamlined than before. Regulate access to files and documents, request procedures, and audit access and availability. Also, digital office processes can help with compliance regulations and approval systems.

4. Easy Recovery for Data and Information

It’s scary how easy it can be to lose data and info. A mistake can result in missing files or papers, or a storm can impact your physical office space. Make recovering from either situation faster and less stressful, while protecting against avoidable loss and misuse of information.

5. Simple Storage and Retrieval Processes

Storage is organized by multiple factors – date, topic, etc. These document management solutions mean you can find any document without riffling through papers for hours.

Time to Invest in Document Management

Document management professionals are available to help at United Business Systems. Contact UBS for answers to questions and to line out a quick and easy set up for your new digital office.

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