Technology has changed the work environment, but it hasn’t actually done away with printing, as some may have expected.

Printing is still here to stay, but technology has advanced the practice and created new, innovative solutions to formulate a printing plan that makes the most sense.

Establishing an optimized printing and copying system in the workplace, in addition to purchasing the right tools for your business, can have a big impact on print costs.

Solutions for printing costs include switching to online document management, researching and purchasing high-quality machines that can produce significant volumes at low cost, and investing in managed print services to provide cost stability and accountability.

Document Heavy Businesses Can’t Go Entirely Digital

It’s an honorable effort to go completely paperless, but it’s probably not completely realistic if you operate in a document heavy organization.

Instead, focus on a few ways to improve printing operations and lower costs while seeing better productivity.

1. Supplies matter – choose the right options

Managed print services ensure that you always have the correct supplies on hand, eliminating costly mistakes or delays.

2. Devices that serve your needs

A printer that meets your needs (Color printing? High-volume projects? Scan to email?) is much more efficient that one you don’t utilize correctly.

3. Minimized service and repair

With streamlined, simple repair options and service orders, managed print services fixes printer problems the first time.

4. Scan to electronic when possible

While fully digital may not be an option, try working with electronic documents when possible to save resources, time, and expenses.

Cut Print Costs

Print costs can easily get out of control when employees are reckless with resources, or businesses don’t convey the necessity of limiting waste and inefficiencies.

United Business Systems has managed print services that can address these issues and make an efficient print fleet the office norm. Contact United Business Systems today to save on printing.

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