Document management is a simple solution that upgrades your office from a hard copy, paperwork heavy environment to a digital, paperless workplace.

Why is this great? It saves time, space, and money, meaning you and your employees can focus on building your business instead of finding files, organizing storage, and replacing missing documents.

Document management works like this: files are scanned as you receive them (you’ll also scan all historical data to get your entire system digital), then uploaded into your electronic system. The data and materials are indexed to be part of a search-able system and all security measures are put into place. Just like that, your documents are secure, easy to find, and backed up and your office is digital.

Time to Switch to Paperless

Get ahead of your workload and ahead of the competition by going digital. We’ve lined out the notable benefits below.

1. Organized Files

In order to create indexed systems, files are organized in a way that makes sense and is intuitive. Often, in workplaces, files are organized as they come in and employees create new folders all the time. With document management, you’ll set up your system correctly from the beginning, so that files already exist and you have the folder structure you need.

2. Save Time Searching

Files are search-able, as mentioned above. The best part of this is that you can use keyword search, so finding the right document can be as easy as a one word search.

3. Secure Your Documents

Security comes in many forms in the paperless office. From password protections to authorizations to visibility, security features can be used throughout your filing system.

4. Reduce Costs and Improve Sustainability

Not only will you save money on paper, toner, printers, and other supplies, but your office can easily “go green” when you go paperless.

Go Digital with Document Management

Document management saves time, money, and can boost your business in other big ways by improving sustainability, storage, and security.

What are you waiting for? The digital office is here to stay – time to join in. Get in touch with United Business Systems today to get started.

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