Are you in the financial services industry? If so, you probably have a special relationship with numbers: you interpret them, collect them, manipulate them, and work with them all day long. Here’s a number that may shock you: a recent survey found that 58% of respondents believe that half or less than half of their work is meaningful. In other words, many individuals believe that more 50% of their work is not “real” work—it’s busy work or wasted effort.

That’s a shocking statistic, but it may not come as a surprise to you. How much of your day is consumed with wasteful activities? How often do you feel like it would be better to condense your workday into half of the hours with twice the productivity? You can with some effort and thought. Here are three ways to rethink your employees’ typical workday to be more productive.

1. Improve Processes

How many bottlenecks and useless steps are in your everyday processes? It’s worthwhile to automate and streamline your business processes, especially when it comes to paperwork and other menial activities. Document workflow is more than just a nice idea: it’s a time and money saver.

2. Embrace Technology

Technology has a way of making things faster if you use it correctly. The right technology can make your business more streamlined, more efficient, and far more connected. A few of our favorite technologies include:

3. Be More Flexible

One way to use time more efficiently is to allow employees to work from home. Although conventional knowledge dictates that employees will be less productive when working from home, research shows the opposite is true. At-home workers consistently out-perform office workers in studies. Today’s technology can keep you connected no matter where you are.

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