Your business may need a wide format printer, but you might be trying to limp by without it. Some managers don’t know about wide format printers or are concerned that the investment wouldn’t pay off.

The truth is, most businesses that have a high volume of large projects such as construction plans, architectural drawings, banners, posters, wallpaper, or murals would find significant benefits from a wide format printer. The most apparent positive outcome is cost efficiency due to producing crisp, clear projects in-house. Cost efficiency is a given, so here are the top three benefits with that savings taken into account.

Top three benefits of wide format printers:

Faster Printing Speeds

Don’t expect a wide format printer to be slow just because it’s producing a large document. Wide format printers, on average, can create 15 banners with clear photos and graphics every hour.

Diverse Uses Across Departments

Architects are not the only people that need a wide format printer. For example, marketing departments love the ability to create varied sizes for posters and banners. Other industries that find great uses for wide format printing include education, healthcare, construction, and more.

High-Quality Images

A critical aspect of wide format printing is creating the images that are clear even on larger projects. Specialized equipment creates crisp, professional artwork just as you would expect. Confirm your graphic needs with your dealer, but understand that wide format printing doesn’t compromise quality.

Think Big – Think Wide Format Printing

Time to expand what your business can do with wide format printing. The experts at United Business Systems can help set your business up for success with a wide format printing system. Contact United Business Systems to reap the benefits of expanded print solutions.

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