We hear from businesses every day about how expensive printing and print-related expenses are. It can be enough to convince you to go paperless just looking at the bills stacking up each month.

Technology can reduce your dependence on paper while boosting your productivity and efficiency. Ready to learn how? Read on.

3 Paper-Saving Technologies

Although going completely paperless is usually out of reach for most businesses, you can nevertheless reduce your paper usage drastically. Reducing your paper usage lowers costs, and the resulting digital workflow gains often make you more efficient. Here are three technologies to look into.

1. Mobile Apps

How many pages are wasted just photocopying receipts for an expense report or taking copies to a meeting? Encourage employees to use simple (often free) apps in place of paper to share, send, distribute, and save documents. Paper scanners are available for free for almost any device, allowing you to take a high-quality scan of receipts, documents, and pages and then send as PDFs or JPEGs.

2. Managed Print Services

Perhaps the best way to save money on printing is to have a true strategy. Managed print helps you create, implement, and optimize a print strategy specifically designed for your company. From paper usage to energy consumption, managed print handles the day-to-day and the planning for the future.

3. Document Imaging Solutions

If you have the right office equipment, you won’t rely on paper as often. The right multifunction printer, for instance, can scan, store, and retrieve documents without using physical storage space. You can even connect your device to your document management systems for even more efficiency.

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