It’s on your to-do list: upgrade the printer for your large office documents like maps, posters, designs, or blueprints. Your office regularly produces these items, but you may have overlooked an equipment upgrade because of the cumbersome size.

Meet the new wide format printers from Kip or Canon brands. These printers can offer a permanent solution for creating large documents, which is a functional, easy-to-use machine that can quickly produce precise, high-resolution pieces. Here are the top requirements you should look for in a wide format printer.

1. Cloud Printing and Scanning Capabilities

Maps, design documents, and blueprints are easiest to handle and store when they are digital. Make these documents a part of your digital office by using the cloud for storage and send them straight to the printer. But don’t stop there – to cover all the bases, ensure the machine can also print from and scan to a USB drive.

2. High DPI Resolutions for Detailed Images and Rich, Smooth Colors

Two words: don’t skimp! You want the best out of your new wide format printer so that your new machine is top notch and a solid long-term investment.

3. Ability to Scan Dozens of Feet of Paper in Minutes

When you want your old documents digitized, you want it done yesterday. Accomplish this goal and stay on top of projects by quickly scanning and uploading them to the cloud, a USB drive, or your storage system. Forgotten documents can now be used again – problem solved!

Create a Better Product Today

Don’t wait any longer to upgrade your wide format printer. Stop producing low-quality products and upgrade to the best new machine today. Contact us at United Business Systems to learn how easy it is to update your equipment.

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