Wide format printers are a piece of specialized equipment that can help your office get what you need in-house. In this case, the large plans and documents created by a wide format printer are hard to replace. If any of the below problems sound familiar though, you may be putting in more than you get from your current machine.

1. The Printer Can’t Keep up with Production

This could go a few ways. Maybe your office has recently expanded, and your business just grew beyond the capacity of the equipment? Maybe the machine has aged and no longer has the high-quality, speedy output it had before. Either way, it’s an issue that has to be fixed to make your investment worth it.

2. Network Connectivity is Unreliable

In today’s office, connectivity is critical. If your wide format printer isn’t on board with the office network, is it a functioning piece of equipment? This is not an optional need – everything must be connected, including printing machines.

3. Replacement Supplies are Hard to Find

This is a good way to know your printer may be a bit outdated. Replacing supplies or parts becomes harder as technology advances. It may be time to update if your machine is obsolete due to unavailable supplies and replacement parts.

How to Fix these Issues?

It’s easy – time to get a professional evaluation of your wide format printer. A good company will be willing to look at the pros and cons of your machine without automatically recommending a new one (although be ready – replacement may ultimately be the answer). A helpful understanding of how to optimize the tool you have, fix simple problems or research a new printer that better matches your needs will save time and money in the future.

Get Your Wide Format Printer Online

Since you’ve invested in a wide-format printer, it’s worth your time to make sure it’s functioning correctly, and you’re optimizing all features. Curious to know if you could do more with what you have or if you need a new machine? Contact the team at United Business Systems to get the details.

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