Your small business is what you’ve put all your time and money into. Not only do you want it to grow, but you also want to make a name for yourself and tell your story.

We lined out two of the best ways to raise awareness of your small business, and we have some great news for you – the solution is not a multitude of items to purchase or changes to make, but the result of one office product that can make a huge impact—literally.

Wide Format Printing Solutions 

This answer is wide format printing. By investing in a wide format printer, you up your game in marketing and many other aspects of business. Give yourself room to wow clients in presentations, make your business memorable, add artwork and branding to many locations, and more great ways to be seen with wide format printing.

Here are the two top ways to raise awareness:

1. Tell Your Story

Tell clients where you came from – your business story – to share your roots. Show the world who your customers are, what your brand image is, and what your business can do for clients. Using large visuals from your wide format printer, you can have a big impact and make your story known. Show them who YOU are – how you got started, and who your employees are. Clients like to feel like they are part of the team, so bring them in – they’re part of the story too!

2. Share Your Brand

You define your brand, and if your signature branding isn’t out in the world and big enough to be seen, it will be lost in the mix. Make large bulletin boards, vehicle wraps, building artwork, and more to show who you are with your wide format printer.

One Solution

The answer to these two ways to increase visibility is wide format printing. New to the idea? Reach out to United Business Systems.

Be Visible with Wide Format from United Business Systems

You have to make an impression and be seen and heard. Wide format printing is a game changer for even the most basic marketing ideas. Talk to United Business Systems today to get your wide format print solutions.

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