Substantial repairs for copiers and multifunction or wide format printers are always inconvenient. However, these issues may be easy to fix before they cause more extensive problems with a few simple solutions.

Training Can Help

First of all, train every employee in how to properly use the office equipment. Proper training can prevent misuse of the machines and also can teach everyone how to find quick solutions for easy errors or printing problems.

Common Problems

Common problems in printing or copying include documents with heavy black lines, technical errors from the sending PC, or paper trays that don’t feed properly.

Easy Solutions

Surprisingly, two fast fixes may be the solution to the most annoying printing problems.

1. Clean the glass on the copy machine

Dust or specs of ink can get on the glass, causing issues with print output, lines, and other interference. Be sure to clean with a specific glass or lens cleaner so that you don’t damage the surface permanently.

2. Vacuum Paper Trays

Another place that grime and dirt can build up on the copy machine and prevent it from producing clear copies is in the paper tray. If your prints aren’t precise after the glass is clean or are often misfeeding in the machine, it may be due to buildup in the paper trays. Give them a thorough clean up with the vacuum, and that might fix the whole problem.

Whenever these regular issues come up, be sure to try one of these quick fixes. Also, you can regularly clean these pieces of the machine to prevent problems from coming up. If these simple efforts don’t solve the issue, then it may be time to look into repairs or even a new machine.

Need More Info? Contact UBS

To find out the difference between a small concern and a more complex problem, contact United Business Systems for a quick analysis of your copy machine and answers to your questions.

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