Document Scanning Workflows

Rochester Document Scanning solutions

In business, how you do something matters just as much as—if not more than—what you do. The more time it takes to accomplish tasks, the less work you actually get done. Inefficient processes can hold your company back and keep it from growing.

UBS can help you get more done and drive your business. With our document scanning solutions, you can spot how to streamline your processes and improve your efficiency.

Steps of Document Scanning Workflow

UBS’s intuitive solutions enable you to fine-tune every step of creating and maintaining a workflow:

Define the Situation

They allow you to analyze your data and spot tasks that need handling.

Take Action

They help you determine actions your company needs to take and which employees should handle those tasks.

Define the Process

They enable you to establish where and to whom documents need to flow. You can develop processes that meet your specific business needs.

Standard Tools and Applications

Our document scanning solutions come with a variety of helpful tools, including:

  • Email notifications
  • Status escalations
  • Document routing conditions
  • Document checkpoints for matching or differentiating pieces of data

They’ve helped companies set up workflows for many standard processes such as:

  • Document retention and disposal scheduling
  • Invoice distribution
  • Contract management
  • New hire processing

Workflow Implementation

With UBS’s workflow implementation services, you can streamline your document scanning processes even further. We’ll walk you through setting up workflows and make sure they help you meet your goals. For more details, go to our Workflow Implementation page.

Contact UBS at our Buffalo or Rochester offices, or get an assessment for more information on our document workflow solutions.