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Lowered Scanning Costs = Increased Productivity. United Business Systems Can Assist You!

To stay efficient and competitive, many companies need to go digital. They must have the ability to upload, store and distribute information electronically. If done properly, you can lower your costs and significantly increase your productivity.

Fulfilling Your Document Scanning Needs Today!

With one of United Business Systems’ available scanners, you can make converting physical documents into digital files a smooth, near-effortless process. You’ll have the ability to capture text and images from many different media and route them to various locations.

Features of Available Document Scanners

UBS’s available scanners come with several helpful features. These include:

  • Three-way scanning
  • Duplex scanning
  • Simple, easy-to-use controls
  • The ability to scan hundreds of color and black-and-white pages within minutes
  • Pre-defined and customizable scanning job options
  • Business card scanning capabilities
  • One-touch operation
  • Automatic power on and off
  • High optical resolution for better detail and color retention
  • Text enhancement, Deskew and error correction features

Document Management, Workflow and IT Solutions in Buffalo, NY

To fully optimize your document capturing, routing and indexing capabilities, UBS offers an assortment of powerful solutions:

For more information on these and other available solutions, click the links above or visit our Solutions section.

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