Frequently Asked Questions

Most likely, this is caused by debris, dust, or white out on the surface of the scanning glass. Try scanning directly on the copy glass if you’re using the document feeder, and vice versa. If 1 has lines and the other doesn’t the glass most likely just needs to be cleaned with a damp cloth. For the document feeder, this is the small piece of glass located to the left of the copy glass. If both have lines, trying printing to the device. If the print has lines as well, contact our service department to have the device looked over.

There are a number of reasons that printing may stop working. While some could potentially be the device, it is usually related to a change or problem with a specific PC, or within your network. Try narrowing down the problem. Is it a single PC that can’t print? Is it a specific program or file type? Knowing this information can help narrow down the cause quite a bit. We will be happy to assist you, but in many cases, it may be faster to contact your network administrator first to make sure there are no changes with your equipment or network.

This is another feature that is very dependent on network and PC settings. When a scan location is setup on a device, that device stores information that needs to be correct in order for the scan to work. This can include a scan path, stored email information, and user names and passwords. If this information is changed, it needs to be updated on the device as well. Sometimes, routers, firewalls, and even antivirus programs can change or update and disrupt scanning as well. Please check with a network administrator to see if anything has been changed. If information is updated, we need to know in order to help!

If a working fax suddenly becomes a non-working fax, you should first determine if is a single sender/recipient, or if it is several. If it is only one, chances are that person or business may be having an issue with their fax machine or fax line. If it is more than one, check that the phone cord is plugged into the machine, and that you are able to get an on hook dial tone. If this is the case, it may still be an issue with your phone or VOIP system, but call us for assistance!

Jamming in an MFP can happen for a multitude of reasons. Sometimes, it is because the machine has a worn component that needs to be replaced. But there are things that you can double check before setting up a service call. Please make sure that your paper settings in your print driver as well as on the device match the size and type of paper you’re trying to use. Also make sure the paper guides inside the drawers or bypass tray are aligned correctly. Also double check that the paper you’re using is rated for the device. You can also look at the paper in the drawer and make sure it isn’t curled from humidity. If it is, you can flip it over and see if that helps. Moving forward, you may want to look at the location of the device as well as where your paper is stored and make sure that the humidity will not be a continued problem.

While we do our best to keep all of our customers up and running with our meter/toner reporting software, changes in network infrastructure, as well as external changes from service providers can disrupt the service. It’s also somewhat common for a user to accidentally remove the software if they are unsure what it’s for. We do get alerts when an account goes offline, but please call us in the event that you are getting a billing alert or are concerned that you have not received a replacement toner yet.