Can Document Management Help Cut Healthcare Costs?

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With healthcare such a pertinent topic it is no surprise that the print industry is getting in on the action. In particular, when it comes to rising costs. According to numbers from Health Affairs, administrative costs for hospitals and healthcare clinics account for more than 25 percent of total expenditures.

The Success of Production Print and Growth Projections

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Production printing—that method of cost-effectively printing high-volume with fast turn-around—is on the rise. Once the territory of printing invoices and policies, production print has moved into the mainstream and is seeing significant growth.

Driving Demand

Where is the boom coming from? Research shows that major demand is originating from the media and advertising industry as well as publishing and transactional applications, such as bills, checks, and statements.

6 Benefits of Managed Print Services

If your business is like most, you are always looking for ways to improve productivity and reduce expenses. One overlooked area that can conceal costs is your print fleet. Discover how to boost efficiency and eliminate unnecessary costs with managed print services for your business.

Here are the top 6 benefits of MPS:

Understanding the World of Wide Format Print

When it comes to wide format printers, there is still a lot that is unclear or unknown. Most business owners are familiar with the term although they are not exactly sure what these devices can produce or why they might need one. To get the most out of these large format printers, it is important to understand the basics before you look to advanced options.

Maximize Workflows with Document Management Solutions

Just as print technology continues to advance, so too have the needs of business owners and managers While advanced technology is wonderful, it can also lead to unforeseen or unexpected challenges. While are more productive than ever, we still need to manage all of the work we accomplish. With a document management solution, you can maximize your workflows and maintain the integrity of your work.

The Secrets to In-House Production Print Success

Now that you have gotten a digital press for your office, it is time to explore the many benefits of in-house production printing. While some of the most obvious are probably the reason you decided to bring it in-house in the first place—faster turnaround times, more flexibility—there are still many other areas to explore. In particular, there are three key components of digital printing that are the secrets to success: calibration, media, and file integrity.

Big Picture Benefits of Managed Print Services

There is a famous expression about appreciating the little things in life. When it comes to business; however, it is critical to pay attention to the little things since they can add up quickly. Especially regarding printing and print-related costs, which is an area where seemingly small amounts end up affecting your bottom line. So, why not take control of you print fees with managed print services?

Tackle Big Jobs with a Wide-Format Printer

Due to their ability to meet so many varying needs, wide format printers continue to gain popularity with all types of businesses. Large-scale printing is as popular as ever and having an in-house wide format printer gives companies greater control over the items they produce while reducing print costs. Here is an overview of the different industries that can benefit from owning a wide-format printer.

Support the Entire Document Lifecycle with Electronic Document Management

With electronic document management, you can organize and maintain all of your organization’s information, increasing productivity. DM will help protect the integrity of your private data and facilitate compliance with such acts as Sarbanes-Oxley and HIPAA. Plus, this wide-ranging solution encourages collaboration and document sharing via secure electronic documents. Document management is scalable and cost-effective—so it can meet the needs of small businesses as well as large enterprises.

The 8 Biggest Reasons to Reconsider Production Printing

Outsourcing production print jobs don't have to be the norm for your business. You can create branded, professional materials in-house, saving time and money. Plus, executing projects in your office reduces waste and gives you more control over your projects. If you want to ensure your projects meet your high standard while saving on print fees, consider in-house production printing.

Here are the top eight benefits of creating and printing professional, effective pieces in-house with production printing.

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